Writing Online – Content is King!

Writing online is all about content. Your article must be interesting. It should be easy to read…and it should have a point.

It doesn’t matter if you’re writing for yourself or for a client. All copy found online must be compelling. It should compel the reader to read your article to the end. This is because the average visitor has a very diminished attention span. People are used to finding content that they want and don’t bother to read anything else. People viewing your site will not ‘read’ your articles…they’ll only browse it. If what they browse through seems interesting, they’ll go back to the top and read it through.

So, what do you have to do to ensure your content is king?

Remove the fluff.

Get a grip. You’re not writing a script. Even if you have a lot to say about a subject, cut out the fluff and stick to the prime rib. The supporting elements of your writings aren’t very supporting in this online arena. Go straight to the point, or you’ll lose the readers’ attention. Try to keep most of your sentences under 10 words.

Talk to the reader.

Being formal is for reports and schoolwork. When making an article to be published online, write conversationally. Think of it as a conversation you’re having with one of your friends. Think: ‘Hey, man! I’ve got a great story for you.’

Conspiracy theory.

Why should you read my article? It’s because I KNOW SOMETHING YOU DON’T. I have a secret that you should know. For this particular article, I’m gonna tell you the secret of making sure your content is king. This should be your point. You want to tell your readers a SECRET that will BENEFIT them. Knowing these secrets will make their lives easier. Now, isn’t that something YOU would read about?

Do the research.

There’s no way around this. So…make sure that what you publish is TECHNICALLY and GRAMMATICALLY correct. What you write represents you as a person. It’s like the tone of your voice when you’re talking to someone on the phone. This is what people judge you by online. Your WORDS. Make sure that your words represent you well. Take the time to proofread your thoughts. A few minutes worth of editing, is worth its weight in gold when it comes to first impressions. If readers see a mistake the first time they visit your site, you WON’T see them again.

Stick it in!

Every article has a point. Make sure that the readers get it. Have a call to action at the end of your article. Tell the people what they need to do to make things better for them. Whether it’s how to write online articles the right way, or how to make bacon super crunchy…make sure you jab them at the end of the article. Prod them to make their lives better.

Keep learning.

School doesn’t end after classes, people. Keep improving your technique, and study new tactics as you progress. So, okay, you can write, now what? How can you make more out of your skills? This is what I’m about. Follow me, as I ask these questions, and see what else the world wide web has to offer…I have a secret for you.

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