Revamping My Website

My website needs medical attention. Its health is failing and it’s time for the doctor to take a look.

As the title states. I’m revamping my website. It’s high time I fix my site, which has been the main calling card of my business since I put it up. It’s because of my website that I was able to meet a lot of cool clients, and take projects abroad.

The number of projects that I was grateful to handle, left me no time to even post something new. I’d start something, and lose my focus when something came up. I had to study new modes of business, different cultures, and I even had to get a working mastery of a foreign language.

Because I didn’t pay attention to my site, it has since dropped in the rankings, and lost its PR.

So if ever you’re in the same position, and you see this post, you’ll know that you have someone you can ask about what’s happened to your site.

I think this is good. I haven’t been doing any work on my site, and I think it’s time to learn new things and see what’s new.

So, let’s see…

Things to do when revamping my website:

  1. Site Audit.
    I’ve got to check if I was hit by a Google Update, malware, or what I really think…Inactivity. (I think Google’s updates got me good.) I have to review all the factors regarding my website. I have to check everything and to do this, I have decided to start trimming the backend of my site. Time to remove things that I don’t need anymore. Goodbye themes and plugins, which I never use. If there’s something on my site which is causing me problems, I have to find out what it is.
  2. Link Audit.
    I’ll also have to review all the links to and from my website. A website’s health depends on two things. The website itself, and the connections it has. These connections are called links. These links, are the words you click on that bring you to a different website. Here’s an example of one. Anyway, where these links point are also important. If the link I gave you pointed to a porn site, or a website that was identified as malicious by search engines… I would have a problem. It would be time to remove those links to protect my site. Just think of it as hanging out with a bad crowd. If you hang out with troublemakers, you get viewed by others in the same light. Guilt by association (links). Get it?
  3. Content Strategy.
    Remember I was talking about updates earlier? Well, I totally disregarded my content production. Resulting in 0 posts for over half a year. Revamping my website starts with great content. Now it’s time to think of content ideas, create them and schedule the uploads. I’m going to start by finishing my drafts one by one. I have stored a lot of content ideas in my draft folder, and it’s time for them to see the light of day.
  4. Conversation Marketing.
    It’s time for me to join the conversation. Time to reach out to the community and share my ideas. This means commenting on websites/forums/social media/Q&A sites and sharing useful information/opinions. This is all about drawing traffic back here to my site. I plan on telling people I’m revamping my website, and I want to hear their suggestions.
  5. Learn more.
    I never think I know everything. And for whatever new thing I learn, it just serves to show me how much more I have to learn about anything. This helps me keep updated about what’s happening in the content management world, SEO, Social Media, and everything that has to do with my business.

I’d like to say that this is what works for me. It’s not something that has to be perfectly in tune with your ideas. But this is a good enough start. I’ll refine this process as I go along.

If you have any suggestions that can help as I go about revamping my website, please go ahead and leave a comment below.

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