Scalable Online Writing Business

Okay…you know how to write web content…you’ve got clients…now what?

What do you do now that you’re writing for your own clients, and can support yourself on writing gigs alone?

You have two choices.

  • You can either look for more clients and just continue writing. Hope that you’ll get better-paying clients and some which are more long-term.OR…
  • You can learn the tricks of the trade by schooling yourself about why you write, and where your clients get the funds to pay you to write.

Obviously, I’ve chosen the latter.

I love to write, for clients and for myself. For the longest time, I believed that I write for myself, for the joy of writing, But as time passed, I realized that this is only my EXCUSE to stick with what I know, for this is what I’m good at. But I know, deep down…that I’d really like to make my writing reach more people, and I’d like to receive offers from prospective clients, instead of chasing them.

I then became curious about things. I wanted to better myself.

With this realization, I studied what I knew about things. I tried to then figure out what to do next.

These are the directions I followed when I decided to move up from simply being a web content creator.

  1. I became a manager and formed my own group of writers. I would proofread, edit and ensure the quality of my team’s output. This basically meant that I managed my staff, and made sure that all of our written products were technically and grammatically correct. This also meant that I had to make sure that everything passed through Copyscape or any client-preferred plagiarism checker. Besides these client-required duties, I also had to ensure that the writers had a steady flow of work and payouts to make them smile. The offset of this arrangement is that I took a commission off the works of the whole group.
  2. After setting up my team of writers, and making sure that everything was stable, I then decided to move forward once again. I scoured the Internet and looked for websites which offered lessons and videos. There are many free websites that you can learn this from. I studied SEO and the rhyme and reason for the keywords I encountered while writing online. (I’ll talk a little more about that in a succeeding post.)
  3. By this time, I had a treasure chest of online writing gems, a working knowledge of SEO, and a desire to have a platform for studying these. A playground where I could write for myself. Thus, this website was born.

Now, I know what my direction is, I intend to have a scalable, and not a surviving, online writing business. As of this writing, the Alexa rank of this site is 4,497,734 out of all the websites in the world. The total number of websites in the world is around 300 Million. To put it in understandable terms, Facebook is number 2 in the whole world wide web. I think I just want to shave a few numbers off my ranking, and I’ll be in a good place. Somewhere in the lower hundred thousands would be fine, for this will mean that I get seen by a lot of people.

I like writing.

I like it when people see my writing.

I like it when my writing and my experiences help people.

I really like it when prospective clients contact me for job offers.

Wouldn’t you too?

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  1. Sugar Han
    Sugar Han says:

    Lately we are not only competing among same nationalities but also globally. Widen your scope to globally. As a MBA graduate, I strongly believe that we have to generate profit. Good luck and I love to read your next articles.

  2. Ivin
    Ivin says:

    Hey bingo. It seems you are new to the blogosphere. Welcome and good luck. I am intrigued, especially by the word Bingoisms. Love it!

    Consider this your first person giving linklove. You are now in my blogroll. I will come check what you’re writing, and keep the good stuff coming.

    Listen, email me, I want o do an interview. Something like ‘New bloggers to check out’ kinda thing. Let me know!

    • Bingo Ventura
      Bingo Ventura says:


      This is a bit delayed, but I’d still like to relay my thanks for your comment. I’ve checked out your website again recently, I’m intrigued with what you were able to do with it in the past few months. Good job!

  3. Francis from Cyprus web design
    Francis from Cyprus web design says:

    I think it is much more better to develop writing skills on your own.But it involves a lot of hard work and reading.

    Keep the post up.

  4. Karen Comer
    Karen Comer says:

    I just replied to one of your posts on the commentluv site and I must say we have the same thoughts about writing and learning. I am well past the stage of getting work from online agencies, which although they are notoriously bad payers open doors to other things. I can see you will be sticking with your writing for a while, I am lucky enough to work for some excellent people in the IM business who have encouraged me to start my own websites so I can eventually start earning passive income. Of course I will still keep writing for a number of my clients, it will just be nice to know I am earning money from the time I am investing in my own sites (and not theirs!)

    • Bingo Ventura
      Bingo Ventura says:

      Right on! I feel like there’s always something new to learn. I’m still maintaining the writing business with my writing staff, but I’ve since gone on to do SEO and some content managing for affiliate sites.
      Yes, I totally agree with you about passive income, and how much better it feels to promote your own websites!

      Thanks for commenting, Karen!

      (P.S. Loved your site! You’ve just gained another fan!)


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