Noob’s Guide To Removing Malware From A WordPress Website

This guide is for website owners and digital marketing consultants who don’t know much about web development. Getting hit by a malware infection is still something that happens, and continues to happen to websites. It’s actually not as rare an occurrence as I thought it would be. This site actually got hit by malware last year, along with a few other sites on the server. I guess it may have been due to my negligence regarding my websites. (As I mentioned in my earlier post, I had been neglecting my websites, because I had to focus on my clients’ sites.)

For most people, getting hit by malware can come as a surprise. A malware infection is not something that only happens to ‘bad’ people. Malware can actually be described as a proponent of equal rights, in the sense that it treats all websites equally. Everyone’s a target. (Insert smile here.)

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