Directions for navigating the online landscape. This category focuses on giving direction to people who aspire to or deal with online marketing.


This was my presentation at the SEO Shots V event, held in A Space, Makati in October 2016.

I haven’t written a new post for myself (as myself?) in years. I’ve spent the past 5 years (since I first put up my website and starting getting offers) working on client sites. Now that my team is pretty capable of handling things by themselves, I have some time on my hands, and it’s time for me to connect with the people on the interwebs again.

Anyway, the SEO Shots V event was presented by the SEO Organization of the Philippines to people who were interested in Search Engine Optimization as a field and/or as a possible career. Most of the attendees at this event were either link builders, writers, social media managers, and business owners. Read more

Scalable Online Writing Business

Okay…you know how to write web content…you’ve got clients…now what?

What do you do now that you’re writing for your own clients, and can support yourself on writing gigs alone?

You have two choices.

  • You can either look for more clients and just continue writing. Hope that you’ll get better-paying clients and some which are more long-term.OR…
  • You can learn the tricks of the trade by schooling yourself about why you write, and where your clients get the funds to pay you to write.

Obviously, I’ve chosen the latter.

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Online Jobs

There are many online jobs available. I first ventured into online jobs as a consultant for a writing firm in 2005. I didn’t know anything about working online, but I was a quick study. I started out by writing articles myself. Then I got into editing, and eventually managed my own group of writers as an independent contractor. I’ve been booked solid since.

I learned about different trades available to people seeking online employment. There are people who design websites, write content, edit, build links for and perform Search Engine Optimization for client sites. I’m going to give you a brief summary of these different online jobs available.

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