At The End Of The Day

At the end of the day, everything comes back to content.

I’ve met a lot of interesting people, gone to different places, and worked with even more impressive clients.

There have been a lot of changes in the online marketing world. Lots of new ideas, new strategies and new types of businesses.

But after everything…at the end of the day…all that really matters is content.

SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing…(which are the components of online marketing)…all depend on the content that they promote. If the content promoted isn’t any good, it really won’t matter how great the marketing strategy is, since the campaign won’t be able to build momentum if you drive traffic, and yet people are unimpressed by the landing pages they see.

I’ve had a few clients who just want to throw money ($= traffic) to their website without proper consideration to their content.

“Just stuff the keywords in, maybe a 4-8% density, and make sure it’s relevant.”

I’ve heard this so many times, told my clients that this may cause problems, and they always say the same thing.

“It’s worked well for me, and I think it’s the best way to do things.”

Some of them have lost money on websites, some have made money.

I’ve also seen clients who don’t believe in SEO or PPC, and yet still manage to make a killing online.

I have clients who I haven’t spoken to in months. I just send them the content they need, and they send me payment for my work after a few minutes.

I have clients who I speak to daily, who depend on my insight regarding their content, their marketing strategy, or their business model.

Some of my clients have become friends. And some clients have become strangers.

So, because of these things I notice with my clients, and the other people I have been lucky enough to work with over the past decade of working online, I have realized two universal truths online.

1. Shit happens. But in the same light, miracles happen everyday. (Some businesses that plan and do everything by the book, sometimes fail. Some businesses, with no planning or thought, succeed overnight.)

2. The client is always right. It’s their business, and they want to build their businesses to follow their vision. So, I can make suggestions, but it’s ‘their way or the highway’. If they fail, they won’t blame you as long as you did/gave them exactly what they asked for.

So instead of complaining, I just make sure that everything that is delivered to our clients’ inbox bears our seal of approval.

The only thing me and my team can do is make sure we submit only work that we can be proud of, and something our clients won’t be ashamed to put on their website/profile/column.

I always tell my clients that their success is my success.

I mean it, and it’s true.

If I can help them succeed, I’m happy, they’re happy, and we start building a good working relationship that benefits my client, my partners, and myself.

So what’s my point for this post?

I just want to say, thank you Internet for making my life better.

Thanks to all the clients I’ve worked with.

Thank you to all the people that work with me.

I like to believe I’m a nice guy, and I want to help everyone succeed.

If you think you can do with talking to someone who is willing to take the time to help grow your online business, you can find my contact details on different places on this site, or at Ventura Consultancy.


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  1. Dennis
    Dennis says:

    I saw your post on Facebook about Morcon. Thank for that. I was looking for something like that and not the generic post about what they learned from the talks. Led me to your blog. You writing style is great. I could hear your voice pop out the screen lol!

    Keep it up Bingo


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