Bingo Ventura is my personal blog. It is filled with my thoughts as an SEO Consultant, Writer, Editor, Content Manager, Project Manager and Outsourcing Consultant. Here you will find tips on Search Engine Optimization, Writing Online, Business Growth (Direction)  and Outsourcing.

I like giving instruction to new writers. Telling them that writing online is a never ending process of learning. And that things don’t end once they know how to write. I talk about the next steps to take after writing, and how to go about it.

I also address online business owners about how to maintain their brand. How their virtual presence must be established well.

I talk about building quality content to promote a website’s Search Engine Results Position and how to prevent fallout from Google Updates.

I also talk about outsourcing quality content, quality content production, website development and SEO.

If you’re interested in these topics, or would like to request something, engage me. I like talking to new people. Everybody has some new idea they can offer, and there is no end to learning new things.